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Excellent live music service for your event 

KeyReel Music is an inspired live music choice for any occasion. Whether you hire string quartet for a wedding,  solo violinist for your corporate event, or maybe Celtic music with Irish tunes and songs for your party or how about celebrate it with string swing music? Our musicians will make it an affair your friends, family and guests won’t soon forget.

Our professional musicians have been thrilling and entertaining clients with their amazing talent on both acoustic and electric string instruments. Well-versed in a range of genres from classical and jazz to rock and traditional folk music, our musicians deliver rich, beautiful performances that consistently delight and amaze audiences. If we mentioned style of music we have expertise on – we really mean it with skills and technique applied to it, not stylization, if you understand what I’m talking about. We really know what we play!
We can play your favorite songs. We can play different genres. KeyReel Music is your best choice for your event. 
Please tell us more about it, we are really looking forward to!

KeyReel Live Music is the premium choice!

We’re proud to offer clients premium live music services with a variety of options and instrumentation available.  Choose from classical solo and ensembles performing in different genres like pop, rock, jazz, and traditional folk music, featuring string instruments in both acoustic and electric styles, whether it is String quartet, Swing/Jazz band, Rock’NRoll, Blues and Country music covers or Traditional Celtic (Irish, Scottish) music. 

KeyReel Music provides only the most professional and high quality musical performances and arrangements. Enough words let’s check this out!

KeyReel Music Styles

KeyReel Music. Violin solo
Violin solo. Classical, Fiddle, Jazz, Pop, Rock music and more

KeyReel Music Samples
KeyReel Music String Quartet
String Duo, Trio, Quartet or custom ensemble. Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock and more

KM String Quartet samples
Jazz String Trio
Jazz, Swing, Blues, Country and more. String Duo, Trio or Band.

KeyReel Music Samples
Celtic music. Traditional Irish and Scottish Music. Duo, Trio or Band.

KeyReel Music Samples

FAQ. Frequently asked questions

Every event is unique in many ways. It depends on many factors and options.

Please click here to contact us and we will give you the best option we have! or use one of our social media button at the top.

YES! If you can tell us in advance we can make it best way! However it depends on size of the group. For example, String quartet request should be received no later than 2 months in advance,  whereas for solo performance 2-3 weeks before the event date could be enough.

Sooner better. Please do not hesitate to contact us

YES! We could if it’s needed.

We even have battery powered option for solo artists, for example for outdoor events. So no electricity needed! We also provide sound equipment for ensembles like String band playing Jazz, Swing, Rock’N’Roll and more. Although String Duo, Trio or Quartet ensembles usually don’t need an amplification.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask more


We have entire section of our web-site for that.

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YES! That’s why you need KeyReel Music!

We have professional and versatile musicians who can play in different styles. For example you can have Violin and Cello Duo playing Classical, Jazz or Rock’N’Roll in one set! It is good choice for background music or any other events representing variety of styles.

Pleas tell us what you need

YES! It is possible, however we need to discuss it separately. 

We have an option to write music for your special event and after it could be played by our musicians or we just sold it. 

You can use one of our sections: 

Other services KeyReel Music:

Session musicians and original music

We are proud to offer expertise in musical composition and arrangements. If you’re managing a project like a concert, tv program, film, video game soundtracks or some other form of media, bring KeyReel Music on-board for a professional musician perspective.

If you are looking for musicians and want them to be part of your audio project, you can check this page.

KeyReel Musical Instruments

•Violin in acoustic and electric

•Viola in acoustic and electric

•Cello in acoustic and electric

•Jazz and Celtic Guitar

•Tenor Banjo





KeyReel Music Events:

We offer both live and online performances
  • Wedding
  • Engagement
  • Anniversary
  • Party
  • Corporate event
  • Other types

KeyReel Musical Ensembles

We offer solo, duo, trio, quartet and full band performances.

Meet Our Music Director

KeyReel Raskolenko oversees and directs all aspects of our organization.

Originally from Uzbekistan and now Dallas resident, he is a multi-instrumentalist who has been described as a “world class violinist and composer.”

A classically trained musician, KeyReel has performed and recorded across North America and Europe for over 30 years on 4-string and 5-string acoustic and electric violins. His musical experience is vast, and includes classical chamber, orchestra, Celtic, swing, and improvisational music.


KeyReel graduated from the Gnesin’s Russian Academy of Music with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, Violin in 2005, followed by an Artist Diploma in 2018 from Texas Christian University. He is a member of the Las Colinas Symphony, Irving Symphony, Plano Symphony, and McKinney Philharmonic Orchestra in Texas. In addition, he plays jazz, Celtic music and performs solo events in the DFW area.

KeyReel also enjoys composing for a variety of instruments, including violin, piano, string quartet, and orchestra.  His music has been performed at the Great Hall of Gnesin’s Academy, the Moscow House of Composers, McKinney Performing Art Center, Church Street Auditorium, and Texas Christian University.