North Texas Celtic Strings is Celtic String Ensemble. 

KeyReel Music is excited to announce this program for kids of all ages beginning this fall semester of 2022! If you play violin or how we call it fiddle, you might be interesting to sign up for Celtic String Ensemble!  
Violins/Fiddles, Violas and Cellos are welcome! We are on Facebook. Click here
We will learn tunes in different genres, special technique like rolls, triplets, grace notes and much more. We are not limited to learn only tunes, but groove and chords to be able to support each other and accompany melody! We will learn by ear and it’s great opportunity for ear training.
Sign up and be a part of the North Texas Celtic Strings! Click here
-Instrument – violin, viola or cello
-Intermediate instrumental skills
-Willing to learn music by ear
-A Video recording submission is required to determine your level. 
Please submit piece/tune of your choice in a medium to fast tempo. 
If you have second piece/tune in a slow tempo you’re welcome to submit it also. 
It could be uploaded as unlisted Youtube link, Google drive or DropBox.
If you have problems with submitting or willing to meet KeyReel online via ZOOM please type so to the form below. Required fields are only Name, email and description (your question). 
Please do not hesitate to ask KeyReel Music North Texas Celtic Strings.
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North Texas Celtic Strings Spring Semester will start
on January 14, 2023, Saturdays from 12pm to 1pm
There will be no classes during Spring break.
May will be the end of the Spring semester.
Recital date is TBD (May 10-20)
Location for classes – Community Unitarian Universalist Church (Plano, TX)
Location for recital – TBD
Fall semester, 16 weeks – $400
Monthly option – $100

Please sign up using the form below

You can also send video link to your piece